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Yali Tribe Treks Gallery

Yali Tribe Treks Gallery

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Yali tribe real trekking

Trekking to Yali region is not as easy as in the Dani region. It takes a couple  of days to reach these villages. The trek goes up and down hills, sometimes it’s cold (a jacket and boots are needed) and you should be experienced in trekking  to  reach these villages. 7 Days tour to Yali deeper region is your challenge, so why do you waiting for. Let’s go to Yali tribe.

additionally, Yali tribe Papua living deep in the mountains to the east of Baliem Valley, West Papua. To reach them, we have to fly by chartered flight to Angguruk or Kosarek. From these villages, we will have to walk through the mountainous terrain, crossing the river by using a single log. Most of the trail are tremendous.

Daily temperature is very low. It can be ice freezing in the midnight. While in day time, it can be 10 – 15 C degree. Rain can happen at any time here.

Yali is the name that the Missionary named after three tribes group living on Kosarek and Angguruk area. The first one is Yalimeck or called also Yalimek or Meck peoples (some peoples called them Smeck), secondly is Yalimo, and then third one is Yalimbok. Among the outsiders, they are all known as Yali peoples.


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Because of their isolated home, the Yali tribe Papua are more traditional than the Asmat people. A very distinctive things make the Yali peoples different from the other sub clan, is, the Yali men wear rattan loop along their waist. 

Their main food staple is the sweet potatoes supplemented with pork or other flesh if available. Beside farming, they also do some hunting.

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