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Yali lowland Treks

Yali lowland Treks

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Trekking to lowland area of Yali is not as hard as to deeper regions. It’s  a little bit easier then to Anggruk or the Mek tribe. It takes days to get to the traditional people. These people are known for eating sago bread, it’s their main staple. This region is full of sago palm. The people are nice, I guarantee, they will serve us “Papeda” another Papuan staple food; eating papeda is a bit like eating glue.

How to get there:

The tour starts in Wamena & ends in Wamena

Day 1

The taxi will pick up the hotel and drop  us off at Dombomi. We start trekking (follow the wild jungle) to the village called Landikma. On the way to  the village, we’ll hear the birds of paradise. (Lunch is served on the way)- stay overnight (D)

Day 2 Hulikma-Pungkok Hills

This is a hilly area, we’ll use walking sticks-but don’t worry, and it’s not too hard. We are going to pass the villages, you have a chance to see the huts like our ancestors used.

Day 3  Landikma-second Punkok hills

After breakfast, we will walk up to summit of the “Pungkol hills”.  Here you can see the beautiful Pass valley and the Yali Lowland valley still waiting for us- (L). The tour continues to Penyam village (it takes 6-7 hours) we’ll walk through wild jungle- stay overnight (D)

Day 4 Penyam-Yarema

Only 5 hours though the mud to get Yarema. Here we enter village called ”Olunmu” (L).  After lunch (yali food), we’ll stay overnight in Demput village. The local huts are made of sago palm and leaves. This is  more exotic and  a less visited area- stay overnight (D)

Day 5 Demput-Pipisim

We’ll  trek about 5 hours to the next village. The path is a little muddy, but it’s in shadow and the “Lek river” follows beside. No worries, there is a traditional bridge called “Kok”, it’s good to pass.  Here you can take a bath in the river, and continue walking to the Pipisim village- Stay overnight (D)

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Day 6 Pipisim-Erege

Here we enter the “wild forest”. There is only one path. Left and right are mountain walls, it’s a bit rocky, some people like to walk in bare feet for fun, like the local people do (L). it’s a good place to take pictures of mount Cow, or as the local people it “Winahik”. As we move   deeper into the jungle, the rains increase as do the leeches. They ‘re annoying but not dangerous- (a little Papuan experience)- stay overnight (D)

Day 7 Erege-Elelim

From Erege to Elelim, 4 hours to get to the next village-(now the county seat). Here we go deeper into the jungle two KM downhill and 1 KM up. No worries, the shadow will keep us company, as will the birds we’ll make (L) on the river bank. We’ll stay overnight in Elelim in Yotan house (Yali hut).

Day 8 Elelim-Wamena

The next morning, we’ll get the high speed pickup truck and back to Wamena (L.D)

Day 9 Wamena-Jayapura

After Breakfast, transport to the Air-port. Until next time you visit. Have a save journey!

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