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Wabudory Waterfalls-Supiori

Wabudory Waterfalls-Supiori

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Wabudori Waterfall Located on the Wabudori River, in Wabudori Village, Western Supiori District, Supiori Regency, Papua Province

The Head of village Mesak Kmur said that Wabudori Waterfall has 7 (seven) levels of waterfalls, but the best ones are on the first level, and the 4th (fourth) level.

If you want to reach the next level again until the 7th (seventh) final level, we are encouraged to come early, because the distance and location is far. Wabudori waterfall is very heavy both in summer; this is what makes this waterfall beautiful and not bored to be seen both from far and up close.

When we have entered the location of the waterfall, crossing the edge of the wabudori river, approximately 250 meters, the sound of the waterfall rushing can be heard from afar. To walk down this waterfall, we must first ask for permission from the owner of this waterfall, “Mr. Mesak Kmur” so that they can be take you to the destination. Some time quiet difficult for slow walkers. Trekking experience is need here!

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