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Snow Mountain-Lorentz Park

Snow Mountain-Lorentz Park

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Day 1

The extension will start this morning at the Jayapura airport at Sentani. From here we will take a flight into West Papua’s mountainous interior, to the town of Wamena for an overnight stay.

Day 2-Day 5

During these four days we will visit the third highest mountaintop in New Guinea, Puncak Trikora, which is home to the fabled Snow Mountain Robin. This once snow-covered mountain, which used to be called Wilhelmina Peak, reaches 4730m (15,584ft) high and is situated in the eastern part of the Sudirman (Nassau) Range of the Maoke Mountains. The ice cap of Puncak Trikora melted between 1936 and 1962.

The Snow Mountain Robin is only known from two mountain areas in western central West Papua and is the highest living bird on the island of New Guinea. To reach its habitat we will have to hike to the inhospitable rocky slopes near the top of this mountain. Once we reach this altitude the bird is usually not too difficult to find, if the weather behaves. This sooty black bird has an very obvious red breast and sits conspicuously on the rocks.

We will of course see many other birds typical of the highlands of West Papua during the extension. We will camp at Puncak Trikora for two or possibly three nights in very simple conditions. We have a day spare to allow for bad weather and if we complete the Snow Mountain Robin hike on time we will have a day for birding at lower altitudes. On Day 5 we will return to Wamena for a very welcome overnight at a comfortable hotel.

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Day 6

This morning we fly back to Jayapura (Sentani) where the extension ends.

Snow Mountain Robin Extension: £1800, €2060, $2,430 Jayapura/Jayapura. Deposit: 10%. More info, ping me.

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