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Historical Site tour of the Yamagata Monument in Sarmi Papua

Kabupaten Sarmi adalah salah satu kabupaten di Provinsi Papua, Indonesia. Itu dibentuk dari distrik barat kemudian di Kabupaten Jayapura mulai 12 November 2002. Ini mencakup area seluas 18.034,0 km², dan memiliki populasi 32.971 pada Sensus 2010 dan 41.515 pada Sensus 2020. [Sarmi Regency is one of the regencies in Papua Province of Indonesia. It was formed from the western districts then within Jayapura Regency with effect from 12 November 2002. It covers an area of 18,034.0 km², and had a population of 32,971 at the 2010 Census and 41,515 at the 2020 Census]

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A typical Japanese building stands firmly on Jalan Inpres Basecamp, Mararena Village, Sarmi District, Sarmi Regency. Dominated by the red colored around the monument, the building has become one of the destinations managed by the Sarmi Regency Tourism Office.

To reach this monument is very easy, because it is located on the edge of the main highway in Sarmi City and not far from Mararena Sarmi Airport.

This monument is not far from Sarmi Beach, a beach with high waves and regular.

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Sarmi Regency & the Yamagata Monument

Sarmi is indeed dubbed as the City of Waves, because in the north this area is directly adjacent to the Pacific Ocean, and before 2000, the waves along Sarmi Beach were known to be fierce. The regency is located on the coast of the Pacific Ocean and has a number of rivers and the lakes; it has quite well-known fishery potential, such as fish and shrimp.

Pacific War

The Yamagata Monument was built in 1994 by the Government of Papua, which was then still referred to as Irian Jaya, in collaboration with Yamagata Prefecture, Japan. The Yamagata Monument is a sign of the friendship of the Papuan sister state with Yamagata Prefecture.

The Yamagata Monument is also a peace monument to commemorate the occurrence of World War II or the Pacific War in Papua. This monument is also to commemorate the many Japanese troops who died in the 1944 Pacific War in Sarmi.

In the Pacific war, Papua, one of which was in Sarmi, was included in the strategic area of ​​the Supreme Commander of the Southwest Pacific Regional Command, General Douglas Mac Arthur in the context of a counterattack to Tokyo.

The Allies consisting of America, Australia, Britain, and the Netherlands invaded Hollandia (Jayapura) on April 22, 1944. Including Japanese troops who were in Sarmi, Irian Jayapura, Papua now.

3 days/3 nights Adventure

Day 1SUNNI HOTEL-SARMI REGENCY 4-WD adventure-5-8 hrs Drive: Jayapura-Sarmi Today you will take 4-WD adventure to Sarmi regency. The well-known regency with fishery potential, such as Fresh fish, lobsters, Turtle, Blue fine fish, 2-5 meters high pacific waves, & the historical sites. One of them are Japanese monuments (Tugu Yamagata)  
Land Transport : 4-WD
Meals                 : (L. Dinner)
Hotel                  : Rivior Hotel, Sarmi
Day 2Full day Historical sites visit & Surfing Wake up, breakfast, full historical site tour & marine experience! Today you will a day Historical sites tour: Japanese Momunements, visit wracked Japanese & USA wracked fighter planes sites, study the history, Museum, and meet the indigenous people who became a witness of the pacific war. After all, you are heading to coast lines for surfing [need an assistance]  
Land Transport : 4-WD
Meals                 : (Sea food Barbeque, Make bond fire)
Hotel                  : Rivior Hotel, Sarmi
Day 3Sarmi-Jayapura-Sunni Hotel Birds Photography & Wild life Photography Wake up early morning at: 5:00 AM. Have Quick Breakfast–Start engine & leave Sarmi-to Jayapura. Same hours’ drive or less (depend on the driver mood). Any time stop by for birds photography or any passing wildlife along the roads. Estimate arrival in Jayapura at: 15:00 PM. Proceed to Sunni hotel-Ends service!
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