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Papuan Best Foods

Papuan Best Foods

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#Papeda#PapuansStapleFood. Papua Delicious Food Papeda is made from sago flour, the still damp sago flour is usually saved in a container made of sago palm leaflets, called tumang in which it will keep for several months before spontaneous fermentation will turn it too acidic and unsuitable for making papeda. There are comparable meals in Malaysia, where it is called Linut, part of the Melanau cuisine in the East Malaysia state of Sarawak, and in Brunei, where it is called Ambuyat. Papeda or bubur sagu, is sago conger, the staple food of native individuals in Maluku and Papua. It is typically found in eastern Indonesia, as the counterpart of central and western Indonesian foods that favor rice as their essential food.


– Melt the sago flour with 300 ml water

– Add salt and sugar

– Boil the staying water

– Pour boiling water into corn starch option, stirring carefully so as sago prepared through

– Papeda say is ripe if it is really clear if still uneven ripening of the dough can be prepared over low heat, stirring continuously

– If it is clear lift and serve warm.

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Yellow Fish Soup For Complementary Papeda



1/2 kg of tuna fish, wash and soak with lemon and salt

1 lemon, squeezed

basil, siangi

green chilies, get rid of the core

2 tablespoons oil for sauteing

1 stalk lemongrass, squashed

2 bay leaves

600ml lukewarm water


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