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Papua optional tour programs

Papua optional tour programs

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5Days/4Nights trek to the Dani tribe, Baliem valley
In brief:

The tours start in Wamena& end in Wamena. It takes 4 or 5 hours per day or more, depend on how fast our quest walk per day. The tour is a round trip, thus many difference things can be seen along the trip. Moreover, food is served for (B.L.D) along the treks. More details are described below:

Day (1)

Wamena-Wisilimo (L.D)
The tour starts at the hotel at 08:00 or 09:00 am, The taxi will drop us in Yetni river, and we start to walk about 30 minutes to Kurima to stamp your travel permit (= SuratJalan) at the Military bases. Here, we will walk up the siep kossay hill for about twenty minutes. You are going to see the spectacular scenery of the Baliem valley and Dani tribe huts along the path. Not only that, you are also going to see the local people with traditional-penis gourd for men and Sali or Yokal for ladies along the Dani compounds. Lunch is served on the way. At the end of the first day we will have dinner at the traditional village Wisilimo at around 08:00. In Wasilimo you have the chance to see the traditional Dani huts and the people living here with their traditional live style.


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Day (2)

Wisi limo-Wuserem B.L.D
After breakfast, we will walk down to the Baliem river bank, passing through sweet potatoe gardens also called “hipere-ubimanis”. The path might be a little bit slippery and muddy after rain, thus watch your step. Your balance is needed, but do not worry, as long as the trek-papua trekking team will assist you at any case also for first aid-please enjoy! We will walk along the river bank until we get to the suspension bridge of the Baliem River. It’s save, but your balance is needed – and in case of troubles do not watch to the water, but watch your step; but in any case the bridge is save. Lunch is served en-route. After crossing the Baliem river the tour lead you to the next hanging wooden bridge across the Mugi river. Below the lovely wooden bride of the Mugiriver we will take a rest and you will have the chance to take a bath or washing your shoes. We will walk up to Wuserem village and stay overnight in the hut called “Honai/Pilamo. (B.L.D)

Day (3)

Wuserem-Syokosimo (B.L.D)
In the morning activities, here is the most dramatically beautiful compound to who as a photographer or anyone who wants to make up your memory for your life time with Stone Age life people and to show up to your friends which mean you have been to the most remotest area Papua with natural beauty and its people also the scenery. Here we are going to passing the muddy and slippery areas,but definitely easy to pass. There are two ways to pass, so is better choose low land path rather than upper path that which has muddier as well here you are going to walk along the Mugi river bank until you arrive in Syokosimo, the village known as “Siep and Kossay”. Here you will see the old men with its penis gourd “Koteka”, but be careful while you taking picture. Is better we ask first before we take picture than they ask money after all. But no worries, we can give them cigarette per picture that you take. In the afternoon, we can small walking along the villages to see people and you are also can enter the huts, seat with huts owner, share/ask whatever about culture, life style, daily foods, marriage that’s why pig is too important for Dani tribe, many more you want to get to know from them.

Day (4) Syokosimo-Ugem-(B.L.D)

After breakfast, we walk through Mugi river bank, cross two wooden hanging traditional bridges. From here, we walk up a bit through rocky patch but clean. Here you can see many huts compounds; you also see the waterfall from the distance, and savanna along the patch. Lunch is served along the path; otherwise the ugem village is not really far from these villages. You can see many rock orchids, endemic Papuan bird’s sounds, but they are too seeing them. If need to see the bird of paradise bird, we can take you a special place in coastal area called “Raja ampat or to Yali-Elelim, here you can see red tail bird of paradise along the wild rain forest there. In the afternoon, we are going to visit ugem village and the big chief. He has more than 5 wives and they live in one big hut with her pigs in the same huts but share room on the corner.

Day 5 Ugem-Wamena-(B.L)
Today is the last day, be happy because the tour leading to see the Baliem river gorge from the hills down. Its looks amazing like the anaconda in the wild rain forest flowing along the villages. We walk down, and cross another hanging brige of Baliem and arrive in Kurima at the previous arrival. Here we can walk or if you feel tired, you can take motor bike services to take you to the Yetni river.
Finally, the public car or charged taxi brings us back to Wamena-Hotel-and to do some souvenirs shopping, packing. The next day is the end of service & departure-
Price : Confirmed via e-mail,

• Baliem valley & Raja Ampat Tour Packages:
08 D / 07 N baliemvalley (Code: TP 01)

Day 1 : Denpasar – Jayapura – Wamena (L,D)
Day 2 : Saltspring, Kurulu – Mummy, Traditional Dani Hamlet (B,L,D)
Day 3 : Pig Cooking Festival (B,L,D)
Day 4 : Pyramid Region (B,L,D)
Day 5 : Voyage By Boat On The Baliem-River (B,L,D)
Day 6 : Wamena City Tour (B,L,D)
Day 7 : Wamena – Jayapura (B,L,D)
Day 8 : Jayapura -Departure (B)

Cost, contact us.
• 06D / 05Nn Baliem valley exclusive program (tp 01)
day 1 : Jayapura arrival connect to Wamena (l,d)
day 2 : Wamena-Sogokomo-Kurima-Wamena (b,l,d)
day 3 : Wamena – Kimbim / pyramid – Wamena (b,l,d)
day 4 : Wamena – Jiwika (pig feast and dance) – Wamena (b,l,d)
day 5 : Wamena – Jayapura (b,l.d)
day 6 : Jayapura-Departure (b)


7 d / 6 n raja ampat diving package tour (kode : t-p 02)
day 1 : Sorong – waisai raja ampat arrival (l,d)
day 2 : Waisai fullday diving (l,d)
day 3 : Waisai fullday diving (l,d)
day 4 : Waisai fullday diving (l,d)
day 5 : Waisai fullday diving (l,d)
day 6 : Waisai – sorong (l,d)
day 7 : Sorong departure

More, contact us.
05 d / 04 n baliem valley package tour (kode : t-p 03)
day 1 : Jayapura-Wamena
day 2 : saltspring and mummy
day 3 : pig festival of the Dani-tribe
day 4 : Wamena-Jayapura
day 5 : Departure

More, contact us.
09 D / 08 N Southern Baliem Gorge Trekking (T-P 03)
Day 1 :Jayapura arrival connect to wamena (l,d)
Day 2 : Wamena – kurima – Kilise (b,l,d)
Day 3 : Kilise – Ibiroma – Wamerek (b,l,d)
Day 4 : Wamerek – Wesagalep (b,l,d)
Day 5 : Wesagalep – Wuserem (b,l,d)
Day 6 : Wuserem – Kurima – wamena (b,l,d)
Day 7 : Wamena – Jiwika ( pig feast and dance) – wamena (b,l,d)
Day 8 : Wamena – Jayapura (b,l,d)
Day 9 : Jayapura – next destination (b)

More, contact us.

Dear travelers,
Thanks for your e-mail and Corporation with TREK-PAPUA TOURS:
Based on your proposal that, for Baliem valley festival tour package (08th – 11th August-2017)

Ideal Tour Package : 5D/4N Baliem valley festival tour package …. Pax)- (07th – 09th August-2017)
Validity : Date: Flexible-2017
Remark (option) : … persons)-Apply for Baliem valley festival tour package:
All inclusive service : Start in Jakarta-Java island (one way), Wamena, and end in Jayapura!

Tour With Trek-Papua Tours & Travel.Co.Ltd
Tour Fare based on Per Person /Twin Sharing (IDR) ……. US$ / ….Pax)-cash in Indonesian Rupiah (Rp))
All inclusive (start from Jakarta (Java island one way-end in Jayapura)
All the tickets, food, land transport, hotel. cottage are inclusive
FIT (Driver cum Guide) Baliem valley –High season tour price
Group Size Baliem valley-Papua tour;

Date: Flexible tour in Baliem valley festival-(07th – 9th August-2017)
All inclusive (start from Jakarta (Java island one way-end in Jayapura)
All the tickets, food, land transport, hotel. cottage are inclusive
Oi-Cottage with Hot shower, & breakfast) Estimate Cost 6.500 US$ / 2 Pax)-cash in Indonesian Rupiah (Rp))
All inclusive (start from Jakarta (Java island one way-end in Jayapura)
All the tickets, food, land transport, hotel. cottage are inclusive)

Day 1

From Jakarta/Bali/ Makassar arrive in Papua (Jayapura air-port – Proceed to the Police office, organize travel permit –Back to the Sentani Air port Coffee break. In the morning at: 10:00 or more we are going to flight to Wamena by Trigana Air line. Here, you are going to City tour including: Visit the Napua hills, and visit Baliem valley museum if we have enough time. Back to Oi-cottage and Dinner-at 07:00 pm in Mas Budi Restaurant. L/D
Stay over night-end Day 1

Day 2-4)

After breakfast, We are going to Visit Baliem valley festival demonstration. Here, you are going to see attractions as follows:
Beside to present during the days of the festival, we will also held a trekking trip in Jiwika village in the suburban of Wamena to see the old smoked mummy and salt pool where you will enjoy and see how to make salt in their traditional way. As you will enter the site, you will return to the stone age era. Grass dressed woman, dress less man, just having a long slender penis cup, man with arrows and bows, and with the body ornaments. More over in What you are going to see on Baliem festival : 08th-11th August, 2017:
1. Re-Enactment Of Tribal War (Atraksi Perang Perangan)
2. Traditional Dance Attraction ( Atraksi Tarian Traditional)
3. Contest in Making Traditional Handy Craft (Lomba Anyam – Anyaman)
4. Pig Race Competition (Lomba Karapan Babi)
5. Spear Throwing Contest/Tourist Only (Lomba Lempar Sege/Tombak)
6. Archery Contest/Tourist Only (Lomba Panahan Traditional)
7. Attraction of Feast & Steam Pit Cooking (Atraksi Bakar Batu)
8. Competition in Playing the Mounth Harp (Lomba Meniup Pikon)
9. Competition Of Kids Game of Puradan (Lomba Permaidan Puradan)
10. Competition Of Kids Game of Sikoko (Lomba Permainan Sikoko)
Decorated Vehicle Parade and Carnaval (Karnaval dan PawaiKendaraan Hias) B/L/D
Day 5 Hotel – Airport Transfer -NEXT DESTINATION END service Departure back to Makassar,Indonesia

The Itinerary details:
Arrive From Jakarta (Java Island-Jayapura-same day flight to Wamena-Baliem valley (Land service) Half day Tour and day 2-4 Baliem valley festival-Full board

Package Include:
1) Transportation (Tickets from Jakarta (Java island) (One way, (Land service: Car with Ac along the festival)
2) 4 nights in Oi-cottage, 1 night stay at Selected Baliem Pilamo Hotel-Wamena or similar
3) Daily (B) Breakfast, 1 x (L) Lunch, 1 x (D) Dinner
4) Tour Guide Service (PAPUAN / Indonesian Speaking) – Whole day/until end tour
5) Entrance fee (60 USD/…. Pax)
Package Exclude:
1) Personal Expenses (Laundry, Telephone, Mini Bars)

More; call or e-mail here:(Mobile) +62-8124-762-8708 (Gm)


Here some tour packages and now is your options! Please decide! the less days the cheaper price for you and your girlfriend to see the tree house, Korowa—Kombay, PAPUA

@Duration : 10 days Deep Jungle of Tree House (Korowai Tribes)
@Duration : 12 days Tree House People (Korowai Tribe)
@Duration : 14 days Merauke – korowai – Asmat – Timika program
@Duration : 15 days Baliem Valley-Tree House and Asmat Tribes
@Duration : 08 days Asmat Culture Program.

The itinerary:
Tailor made adventure for 15 Days 14 Nights-Papua
First of all, wellcome to visit West-Papua. For your reference, please kindly book our Asmat-Korowai, and end in Jayapura Package. For more about the tour prize, please contact us!

Duration: 15 Days / 14 Nights only!
Attraction: From Asmat-to Korowai, Kombai, etc
In brief: Challenging (little bit slippery)
Start – End: Timika or Jayapura
Here is your tailor made Itinerary:

Tag 01. Timika – Arrival
Upon arrival at Timika Airport, meet your guide then transfer to your hotel for check in, dinner and overnight stay at hotel.

Tag 02. Timika – Agats (Asmat Area)
Breakfast, transfer by car to the airport for your departure flight to Ewer. Arrive at Ewer Airport direct transfer by Motorboat into 30 minutes to Agats-capital district of Asmat. Overnight stay at Losmen (simple accom in Agats). Rest of day you may walk around Agats exploring the area and for your Police report.

Tag 03. Agats – Asmat village
Early breakfast, by walking down to the dock to get your charter Motorized boat starting your first visit Asmat village. Overnight stay at Asmat long house (Jew) or teacher house.

Tag 04. stay in Asmat Village
Today you may enjoy Asmat. Still in the village to explore of how the people making carving and ornamentation and if possible you may buy the “The Asmat artifacts”).

Tag 05. Asmat village – Senggo
By Motorized boat charter cruising through up-river for about 7-8 hours to reach Senggo for the border of Asmat and Citak tribes. Here, your Permit needs to get its stamp from police. Overnight stay at guest house.

Tag 06. Senggo – Basman
Breakfast, get on board continue your excursion by Motorized boat through the up-river, on the way journey you will see the local people’s daily activity such fishing, paddling, dropping commercial wood by Citak-Mitak people. Today trip will take approximately 7-8hours arrive Basman village – the boarder of Citak and Koroway.

Tag 07. Basman – Koroway.
Today starting your first trekking with local porters and cook through Jungle to find the semi-nomadic people of Koroway. The average trekking in Koroway about 4-5hours to reach Clan by Clan. Overnight stay at tree house or tent.

Tag 08. Koroway Clan
Walking to interior through jungle to exploring the people, some times the trail looks small corridor makes confusion of us to get through while your local porters always are exhorting us and make jungle sound assigning us to get direction. Stay at tent or tree house.

Tag 09. Koroway Clan
Passing through stream and a single log put on likely a bridge, porters take care of us till the destination. Enjoy the people life style and join them for hunting, fishing,etc.

Tag 10. Koroway Clan
Today, you may join them to collect sago grabs and warms and your cook will prepare them for your farewell dinner.

Tag 11. Koroway – Yaniruma
Brakfast, take your last trekking to Yaniruma-where your charter boat coming to pick you-up drop to Dekai-Yahukomo harbour. Stay at Guest house in Dekai-Yahukomo.

Tag 12. Yahukimo – Jayapura
Breakfast, leisure until flight come to pick you up departure to Sentani International air-port. Arrive Sentani transfer by car to your hotel for check in. dinner and overnight stay at hotel/ our house.

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