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Papua Birds Photography

Papua Birds Photography

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Jayapura Birds Tour

We will be picked you up by 4WD by birding guide/staff at airport. Heading to Nimbokrang birding spots. It takes 2hrs drives. We do birding along the road by slowly driving. You expect to see Grey Goshawk, Yellow-bellied & Sacred Kingfisher,Eclectus & Red Cheeked Parrot, Golden Cuckoo-shrike, shinning flycatcher. More, Our records here are: Great Egret, Rufous Night-Heron, Pacific Black Duck, Dusky Moorhen, Comb-crested Jacana, Rufous-bellied Kookaburra, Brown & Great Cuckoo-Dove, Orange fronted Fruit-Dove, and Rainbow bee-eater, Pied Chat, Golden Cisticola, Shinning Flycatcher, Great Bowerbird, Glossy Mantled Manucode and Lesser Bird of Paradise (some of these birds are expect to be seen).

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Waigeo Islands: Ampat

The island of Waigeo to the northwest of Sorong is seldom visited. Still forest-covered and very sparsely populated, this island holds several species rare or absent on the mainland. In the lowland forest, Red Birds of Paradise, endemic to the islands of Waigeo, can be watched displaying in some of the taller forest trees. Pheasant Pigeons are fairly common and their mournful call is often heard, but seeing this retiring if magnificent species requires some luck. Purple-tailed Imperial Pigeons can be found in fruiting trees and the tiny Yellow-capped Pygmy Parrot might be seen hanging from the trunk of a forest giant. Another key species is the endemic Raja Ampat Pitohui.


Nimbokrang full day birding

 We focus on for these Birds
During these 3 full days, we will focus on our target birds of the lowland alluvial forest. They are: Brown-collared Brush-turkey (hard to see), Pale-billed Sicklebill, Twelve-wired Bird of Paradise, Magnificent Riflebird (often only heard), King Birds of Paradise, Lesser Bird of Paradise, Jobi and Glossy Manucode, Bush-hen, New Guinea Flightless Rail, Victoria Crowned Pigeon (possibly),  Double-eyed and Salvadori’s Fig-Parrot, Buff-faced Pygmy-Parrot, Emperor and white-shouldered Fairy-wren, Golden Cisticola, Golden, Boyer’s, and Grey-headed Cuckoo Shrike, Hooked-billed, Blue-black, Azure & Sacred Kingfisher,  King Quail, Black Bittern, Spotted Whistling Duck, Doria’s Hawk, Beautiful, Pink, Coroneted, Orange-bellied Fruit-Dove, Zoe & Pinon Imperial Pigeon, Red-flanked Lorikeet, Dusky and Brown Lory, Lesser, Greater and Pheasant Coucal, Papua Frogmouth, Papuan Nightjar, Papuan Spine-tailed Swift, White-bellied Thicket Fantail, Golden, Frilled and Spotted-winged Monarch, Lowland Peltops, Blue-grey Robin, Rusty Pitohui, Meyer’s & Helmeted Friarbird, Golden & Yellow-faced Myna, Blue-jewel & Rufous Babbler, Spotted Catbird, Brown-headed Crow. (…be honest, I just to be realistic that not all of them to be seen, because they are wild). But For sure, half of them are yes!

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