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Biak Numfor island Birding

Biak Numfor island Birding

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Biak Endemics
Biak Scrubfowl, Biak Coucal, Biak Scops Owl, Biak Lorikeet, Biak Paradise Kingfisher, Biak Gerygone, Biak Monarch, Biak (Black) Flycatcher, Biak White-eye and Biak Leaf Warbler. (Also, possibly, the endemic kordensis race of Golden Monarch.)

Numfor Endemics
Numfor Paradise Kingfisher.

Geelvink Islands endemics: Biak Island
Birding break

5 days/4 nights
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No less than 17 endemic bird species, including a megapode, two gorgeous paradise kingfishers and three parrots, plus heaps of phonologically highly distinctive yet virtually ‘forgotten’ endemic subspecies await us on this birding adventure covering the islands of Biak and Numfor in West Papua’s famed Geelvink or Cenderawasih Bay. So

join us as we sound out specification in these insular taxa, and later still be in the fortunate opportunity to continually add ‘new species’ to your life list from the comfort of your easy chair.

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Rewarding year-round.

Scheduled departures
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Physical effort
Relaxed birding in flat to only slightly undulating terrain.

Tour summary
Day 1 > Kota Biak and Biak Island.

Day 2 > Kota Biak and Numfor Island.

Day 3 > Numfor Island and Kota Biak.

Day 4 > Kota Biak and Biak Island.
Day 5 > Kota Biak.

Tour description
Day 1>

Kota Biak and Biak Island Morning arrival at Kota Biak’s Frans Kaisiepo Airport on overnight domestic flight from Jakarta or alternative gateway. We shall soon set out to an accessible area of secondary forest on the outskirts of town where we could be rewarded with sightings of Pacific Baza, Long-tailed Honey Buzzard, Gurney’s Eagle, Variable Goshawk, Sultan’s and Great Cuckoo-Dove, Yellow-bibbed and Claret- breasted Fruit Dove, Geelvink Imperial Pigeon, Little Bronze Cuckoo, Brush Cuckoo, Moustached Treeswift, Black-winged Lory, Biak Lorikeet, Red-fronted Lorikeet, Red-cheeked and Eclectus Parrot, Emperor Fairywren, Dusky Myzomela, Hooded Butcherbird, Common Cicadabird, Biak Triller, Biak Black and Shining Flycatcher, Biak White-eye, Metallic and Long-tailed Starling, and Red-capped Flowerpecker. Following lunch in town, we shall set out on the one hour’s drive to eastern Biak. Here we shall spend the entire afternoon along a network of tranquil rural roads and old logging tracks running through a heterogeneous mix of secondary forests, making incursions into the forest as necessary. Delightful Biak Paradise Kingfishers and Hooded Pittas, the latter of the distictive rosenbergii-subspecies here, call everywhere in these dense forests. But to see the wary Biak Megapode, shy and secretive Biak Coucal, diminutive Geelvink Pygmy Parrot, and scarce Biak Gerygone, Biak Monarch and Biak Leaf Warbler, we shall need to persevere. Other noteworthy species we may come across here include Common Emerald Dove, Little Shrikethrush, Northern Fantail, and Golden Monarch, all represented by highly distinctive endemic subspecies. Evening shall see us gathered at a vantage point in anticipation of evening flights of parrots, which may still include a few Black-capped Lory, here of the distinctive yet heavily persecuted cyanauchen-subspecies. A nocturnal foray could produce the rarely seen Biak Scops Owl as well as Papuan Frogmouth and Large-tailed Nightjar. Dinner and overnight in Kota Biak hotel.

Day 2 >

Kota Biak and Numfor Island After a hearty dawn breakfast in our Kota Biak hotel, we shall set out early morning on the four hours’ chartered speedboat ride to Numfor Island. The main focus of our attention here shall of course be the delightful Numfor Paradise Kingfisher and the Numfor Leaf Warbler, both of which are usually readily located. Other interesting birds we may see here include Amboyna Cuckoo-Dove, Yellow- bibbed Fruit Dove, Black-winged Lory, Biak Black Flycatcher, and Long-tailed Starling. Lunch, dinner and overnight in village residence.

Day 3 >

Numfor Island and Kota Biak Following an early breakfast, we shall bird all morning on Numfor and transfer to Kota Biak again after lunch. Dinner and overnight in Kota Biak hotel.

Day 4 >

Kota Biak and Biak Island After a pre-dawn breakfast in our Kota Biak hotel, we have a full day to concentrate on finding those Biak Island endemics likely to elude us for a while, with a packed lunch somewhere in between. Dinner and overnight in Kota Biak hotel.

Day 5 >

Kota Biak We shall enjoy breakfast in our Kota Biak hotel and transfer to Frans Kaisiepo Airport for the first morning flight to Jakarta or alternative destination.

All Inclusive

  1. Land transport-Innova/Advans-Full AC
  2. Guide & local birds expert
  3. Hotel Agung room
  4. Meals
  5. Mineral water
  6. Boat charter to Numfor island (we will provide based on  request)
  7. Accommodations in Numfor
  8. Land transport in Numfor island
  9. Entrance fee (land lords)
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