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Arfak Endemic Birds

Arfak Endemic Birds

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Long-tailed Paradigala BoP
This is the picture of Long-tailed Paradigala (Paradigalla carunculata). This bird of paradise landed on the red pandanus fruit that had been placed by villagers in front of a blind to attract such birds as Western Parotia, Superb Bird of Paradise, Black Sicklebill and Magnificent Bird of Paradise.

  • 6 Days Arfak Birding (Arfak foothills)
  • Focus: Flame bower bird & other Bops such as: Western Parotia, Magnificiant Birds of Paradise, Black sickle Bill Bop, Bower bird, & lesser Birds of Paradise.

Start/End Point: Manokwari Airport (Rendani Airport)

Manokwari is the capital western Papua province. Here is the start point for the Arfak bird’s photography trip. All logistic, Land transport will be fixed by us before wild exp into the Arfak foothills.

Detail Itinerary

Day 1

Jakarta-Manokwari (Rendani Airport)

  1. On arrival in Manokwari
  2. Proceed to the Valdros Hotel-Final discussion for the next day’s trip. Or same day heading to Arfak foothills.


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Days 2–Day 4

Full day of Birding:

In 3 full days, the target birds in Arfak foothills  such as:

Arfak Birds Photography Focus:

• Flame Bird
• Arfak Mountains Western Parotia Bop
• Magnificent bop
• Black-billed Sickle bill bop
• Vogelkop Bower bird
• Feline and Mountain Owlet Night-jars
• Black Sickle bills
• Orange-crowned Fairy-wren
• Western Smoky Honey eaters
• Vogelkop Melidectes and Vogelkop Superb Bop on display & the Paradigala

Day 5: Arfak-Manokwari-Hotel


  • Wake up
  • Breakfast
  • Morning Birding
  • In the afternoon, heading down to Manokwari Town
  • Proceed to the Valdros hotel
  • Dinner-Sleep

Day 6



  • Wake up/Breakfast at hotel
  • Free dropping (still hotel service)
  • Check in
  • Flight to Jakarta

 Book No            : 03/PB/2020

Tour Name        : Birds of Paradise Photography Trip in Papua

Hotel Name       : Valdros Hotel in Manokwari

Service             : Full board-All basic inclusive

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