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7 Days Tour Sepik

7 Days Tour Sepik

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We offer: 7 Days Sepik river Tour Program

Day 1

Wewak  to Pagwii by hire car over night in my village Kanganamun guest house

Day 2

Palimbe village over night Kanganamun village guest house

Day 3

Aibom and  Chamber lake over Chambri lake guest house

Day 4

Visiting Kamanibit village over night in kamanibit village guest house

Day 5

We going to black water lake  Visiting different villages and we over night in Gavamas village guest house

Day 6

Going back to pagwii jump on our hire car and back to wewak to the new wewak hotel

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Day 7

Flying back to vanimo to Jayapura

Wewak to Pagwii by hire car

Pagwi we going to travel by Dugout can he with 40hs engine

Traditional sing Sing and spirit houses

Kanganamun village 2/ traditional sing sing Visiting 2/ Spirit house

Palimbe village Visiting 2/ Spirit house 1/ traditional singsing

Aibom village Visiting pottery making demonstrations

Chambri lake Visiting 1/ Spirit house and 1/ traditional sing sing and we over night

Kamanibit village visiting caving shop and see the woman frat sa go making Bilum Bags smoking fish at night we do Crocodile hunting

Black water lake Visiting the villages and we over night

Next day back Wewak

Total costing is K29.000 for 5 people including


  • Hotel & Guest’s house
  • Breakfast lunch and dinner for 2/ night’s
  • Food and drinking water for the tour
  • Hire car
  • Hire dugout canue with 40hs engine for 7/ days
  • Guide fee
  • 1/ helper
  • Entering fee for the spirit house
  • Traditional sing sing fee
  • Clay pot demonstration fee

Total K29000

Additional info, we are also offering Huli tribe cultural tour. More info about this tour,

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