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16 Days Lani Tribe Trip

16 Days Lani Tribe Trip

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Day 1: Bali – Jayapura (-)

Around noon arrival in Bali. There we move up to the flight in the next night, a day room, which gives us the opportunity to rest and time for a first refreshing tropical fruit cocktail under the sun of Indonesia. In the evening flight to Jayapura.

Day 2: Jayapura – Baliemtal (B, L, D)

After a final stopover in the provincial capital Jayapura, flight over dense rainforests to the approximately 1,500 m high Baliemtal to Wamena. In Wamena we are picked up and driven by car to the Dani village Suroba. Here we are welcomed with a welcome ceremony and participate in the pig festival of Dani. Meanwhile, lunch is prepared by our cook. Dinner and overnight in Suroba in reconstructed Honais – the traditional dwellings of the highlands.

Day 3: Angelak – Wamena (B, L, D)

Today, a five-hour trekking tour takes us to Anelagak. On the way, lunch is prepared by our cook. The rest of the route to Wamena we leave by car. This easy trek is the first way to get to know the area. In addition, we can get acquainted with our porters who will accompany us during the coming days.

Overnight in Wamena at the hotel.

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Day 4: Wamena – Poga (B, L, D)

From Wamena we first drive north to the village of Poga. After driving light trek to the village, where the luggage is distributed to the carriers. During this procedure, we can get another picture of Papuan life in their village environment. We spend the night in tents under the stars.

Day 5: Poga – Wonggame (B, L, D)

After breakfast we start our highland trekking. The bearers of the Lani tribe will accompany us. Our first stopover is the village of Pumbur. The approximately seven-hour hike takes us through an impressive mountain landscape. On the way, our chef will prepare lunch. In the village of Wonggame, which is already in the Lani area, we set up our tents and let the day end with dinner.

Day 6: Wonggame – Mount Woneri (B, L, D)

After packing our gear, we’ll hike for about five hours to just below the summit of Mount Woneri. On the way, our cook prepares lunch. Up here, in the middle of the unique landscape, we set up camp for the next two nights.

Day 7: Mount Woneri (B, L, D)

Today gives you the opportunity to immerse yourself in the primary forest landscape of Mount Woneri. After breakfast, we will explore forests, plateaus and streams of the mountain and its surroundings. This night we spend again at about 2,800 m altitude.

Day 8: Mount Wonero – Wur (B, L, D)

After breakfast, it takes another six hours to walk until we reach our daily destination Wur. In the village of Lani we will spend the night.

Day 9: Wur – Wur II (B, L, D)

After breakfast, we say goodbye to our hosts and embark on the eight-hour trekking tour to the village Wur II.

Day 10: Wur II (B, L, D)

We spend another day in the area of Wur. This provides the opportunity for an intensive meeting with our hosts. Please approach our hosts openly and tolerantly and you will receive a hospitality and friendliness that is second to none anywhere in the world.

Day 11: Wur II – Wamena (B, L, D)

After breakfast and about a five-hour trek we leave the wilderness and the village life and drive back to Wamena. The remaining time is available today. We spend the night at the hotel in Wamena.

Day 12: Mount Milli (B, L, D)

By car we drive to Jiwika / Kurulu. Then one hour ascent to Mount Milli. We experience how Dani women traditionally extract salt from a salt spring. Lunch is taken from the backpack. Back in the valley visit a mummy. The Honai, in which the approximately 360-year-old, mummified remains of a respected tribal chief are kept, has long been revered as sacred. Then return to Wamena.

Day 13: Wamena – Susana Kissi (B, L, D)

In the morning we are driven to the airport Wamena. The short flight brings us back to Jayapura / Sentani. Then drive to Depapre. From here we take the outrigger boat to the private southern beach Susuna Kissi. The rest of the day can be used as freetime. Dinner and overnight at the beach.


Day 14: Susana Kissi (B, L, D)

The day is dedicated to recreation. Please bring your snorkeling glasses, as the offshore coral reef offers you a colorful and varied underwater life. The meals consist of freshly caught sea fish grilled over an open fire. (F / M / A)

Day 15: Susana Kissi – Jayapura (B, L, D)

After lunch we drive back to our hotel in Sentani. In the afternoon drive to Jayapura. In the hamadi market of the provincial capital, you have the opportunity to observe the colorful activities of the traders in the narrow streets and market halls.

Day 16: Jayapura – Bali (B)

After breakfast we drive to Sentani airport. Afterwards flight to Bali. Upon arrival to Bali transfer to the hotel. The rest of the day is at your leisure.

End Program.

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