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Jayapura is more than just a hub for those travelling to the Baliem Valley. Consider spending a night or two in the capital of Papua Province to visit one of the islands on lake Sentani and learn about the bark paintings or walk along the hills. Also there are really nice views towards Papua New Guinea country and neat, old Dutch settlements near town that are worth the visit. Jayapura has also a very nice museum with art collections from all over Papua *(.Travel Papua)

Cultural Jayapura
Jayapura is surrounded by great mountains overlooking the pacific oceans and is close to the Sentani lakes. The city was known until 1962 by the name ‘Hollandia’ given by the Dutch. During this tour history meets traditions.

Jayapura is the provincial capital of Papua. It is the largest and the most modern city in Western Papua that besides beautiful views has great Papuan traditions and fascinating history.

Day overview
Day 1

Arrival Jayapura – Transfer to Hotel via ‘Bukit Jokowi’ and ‘Jayapura City Hill’ / Free Afternoon

Day 2

Sentani Tour; Imfote lake, Museum – Asei Island – Local Markets, Tungkuwiri Hill
Day 3

Transfer to Airport

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